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How To Make Blank Walls More Appealing In Your Holiday Let

As you’ve already found out, decorating your holiday let takes a fair amount of time and imagination. You’ve painted every room, bought everything your potential guests could possibly need, and added a few details for practical use but still something’s missing. There’s a blank wall that needs filling, so how are you going to do this?

Every holiday let has a difficult space that takes even more imagination to fill. You may have super high ceilings and nothing to fill the gap or the wall in question might just be too awkward a spot for furniture, but fear not. We’ve put together some DIY ideas on how to make blank walls more appealing so you can finish your holiday let to perfection.

How To Make Blank Walls More Appealing


1. Artwork

art work on walls

Artwork is probably the easiest way to make blank walls more appealing and there’s so much you can do with it. If you’re an artist yourself, why not inject a little bit of your personality into your holiday let by displaying some of your own original pieces? 

Not so creative, don’t worry, good value, second-hand art can usually be found alongside furniture at vintage and reclamation outlets, often with an interesting range of other items such as old advertising posters or metal signs for a bit of variety. 

Another great thing about artwork is that new pieces, and even old ones, don’t need to have a high price tag. Collecting and displaying a collection of smaller works within similar-size frames is a very effective solution to a blank wall, especially if you can’t decide between a few pieces with a similar theme.

2. Clocks

different types of clocks on a wall

Depending on where your blank wall is, you might find that putting up a large clock is exactly what your space needs to finish it off. They’re a cost-effective and practical way to make blank walls more appealing. 

There are plenty of clocks out there from large vintage ones to small inconspicuous ones that are great for the kitchen. If you like thinking outside the box, you might even consider creating a clock accent wall. 

These can make a huge statement in your holiday let and are a great solution for those who love clocks and can’t decide which timepiece would look best in a specific room. But be careful to only do this if the room calls for it. You don’t want to make the room look cluttered.

3. Mirrors

property with a rectangular mirror on wall

This one might also be quite obvious but it’s often overlooked. Placing a standout mirror on a blank wall will elevate the room to no end. They are a great feature to add to a small space as they reflect light, which helps make the space feel bigger and brighter. 

Whether you choose a large statement mirror or piece together several mirrors of different sizes and shapes, we can assure you that this is one of the best ways to make blank walls more appealing.

4. Accent Walls

accent wall in bedroom made with wooden slates

In addition to displaying mirrors, clocks, artwork, and other items on the wall why not make the wall a feature itself? How? By creating an accent wall. This can be done in many different ways from painting the wall a bold and bright colour to adding fancy decorative wallpaper. 

Other accent wall ideas can include painting a mural on the wall, adding blocks of different colours, and even adding fake panelling or planking can create stripes and inject a bit of playfulness into the room. 

If your property is located near water, it’s also a great way to carry your nautical theme by resembling a boat exterior. If done right it will elevate your property and help you stand out. 

5. Go Green With Plants

plants hanging from ceilings, placed on window sill and on the floor of a room

Bring the outside in. Plants don’t have to just sit on windowsills, they can be used as features within a room. Why not try hanging or wall-mounted planters and add a bit of greenery to your space? 

If you’re worried that your fresh plants will die, then you could opt for high-quality, hyper-realistic faux plants which will give your property freshness all year round. Adding some floating shelves and placing a plant pot on each shelf can also be very effective and it adds an extra layer of colour. 

6. Install Shelving

funking shelving unit on wall

Our last tip to make blank walls more appealing comes in the way of shelving. From floating shelves that hold one-of-a-kind art pieces to floor-to-ceiling shelving units to house a library full of books, it’s a great way to extend your space and great a feature in your room. 

Remember though, just because you’ve got a blank wall doesn’t mean you need to cram it full of stuff. Keep it simple. You still want to make sure comfort and function are paramount and that your space is inviting for potential clients.

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