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How to Prevent Uncomfortable Bed Complaints

If you own a holiday cottage, you understand how difficult it is to continuously satisfy your guests. You work hard to give guests an enticing piece of homely tranquilly from which to explore the sights and sounds of the surrounding area, and with any luck, they will leave rested and full of appreciation for what was a memorable stay in your home. If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll quickly find out thanks to positive online reviews.

Making your home stand out in a crowded internet marketplace, on the other hand, is difficult. In truth, providing a positive client experience will always be important. Those who concentrate on making their visitors feel at ease and going above and beyond to make their stay more delightful are still the most successful. This is particularly true when it comes to assisting your visitors in getting a good night’s sleep.

From a vacation let owner’s perspective, the repercussions of providing guests with a horrible night’s sleep are complaints, less-than-positive reviews, guests not returning for subsequent visits, or even early check-outs if the sleeping conditions are truly unbearable.

When it comes to turning a positive review into a glowing one, the little things matter just as much as the large ones, and it’s glowing reviews that will help your vacation home stand out from the crowd.

The Importance of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of any stay, and it is something that rental owners should pay special attention to. Apart from making sure the room is tidy, it’s important to feel at ease in the bedroom, you’ll be sleeping in for a week or more.

A good bed and mattress are essential.

Nothing is more annoying than laying down for your first night’s sleep on vacation and discovering that every movement is accompanied by the loud creaks of a creaky bed. Regularly tightening fittings and having some WD40 on hand to stamp out any squeaking as it develops is a simple approach to make guests feel more at ease rather than on edge!

When it comes to guest comfort, beds and bedding are possibly the single most essential expenditure. The Sleep Council conducted a poll in 2017 to determine the most critical variables in having a good night’s sleep, and a comfortable bed came out on top by a significant margin, with 38% of respondents agreeing that it was the most crucial aspect. It’s clear, then, that beds and mattresses are an essential investment in total guest happiness. In general, guests like a medium-firm mattress, as well as a robust, high-quality bed.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution

Can you provide a variety of comfort options for your visitors? More options in this area could improve the guest experience. For example, based on the firmness preferences of guests, provide a selection of different firmnesses and thicknesses of pillows, or offer a memory foam mattress topper.

It’s crucial to inform guests about all of the many alternatives accessible to them before they book – often, just knowing they have a choice and that you can meet their needs is enough to put them at ease in your establishment.

Superior quality linen

Although well-worn bedsheets appear to be cost-effective and spotless, they may be alienating your guests. Regular examinations for wear and tear, as well as the replacement of worn-out bed linen, will allow you to present your bedrooms in the best possible light. Guests may not always make a comment, but they are much more likely to mention worn bedding!

Keep in mind the season

You can provide something to cater to the season no matter what time of year you’re accepting visitors. For late autumn and winter visits, for example, supply additional comfortable blankets to allow your guests to bunker down against the cold outside. At the same time, in the summer, provide a couple of extra sheets to use instead of a thick duvet as temperatures rise.

Plug outlets that are conveniently located

By placing outlets near the bed, your guests will be able to charge their devices while sleeping, allowing them to check the clock and use their smartphones as a morning alarm.

Blinds or curtains that block out the light

While some people don’t mind (or even love) waking up at the crack of dawn while on vacation, the other 99.9% of us are grateful to the owners of our vacation rentals for blocking out the majority of the sunshine until we’re ready. In fact, according to the Sleep Council’s 2017 poll, blackout blinds or curtains are the most significant sleep element for 17% of adults.

Using earplugs

If your vacation rental is in a city (or even if it isn’t! ), providing guests with earplugs to filter out any noise can be a terrific idea. However, make sure they’re safe for sleeping, meaning they’re constructed of soft foam and allow guests to sleep on their sides without difficulty.

The Benefits of Sleep Investing

When it comes to keeping guests happy, obtaining great reviews, and demonstrating that your vacation home is an excellent choice for potential visitors, ensuring that they get a good night’s sleep is critical.

Although bedroom furnishings can be costly, they are well worth the investment. Furthermore, there are numerous cost-effective things that rental property owners may do to elevate their properties from decent to excellent. Make sure your home meets your guests’ comfort demands, give them a pleasant night’s sleep, and reap the benefits.

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