Covid Updates

Covid 19 Update August 1st

Update on current Social Distancing regulations.

We are delighted to have opened up many of our holiday cottages and want to make sure we don’t end up closing down again:

"only socialise outdoors in a group of up to six people from different households, or in larger groups if everyone is exclusively from one or two households"

"You should continue to avoid close contact and remain socially distant from anyone you do not live with or who is not in your support bubble – even inside other people’s homes."

"It remains the case ‒ even inside someone’s home ‒ that you should socially distance from anyone not in your household or bubble. "

"You should:
only socialise indoors with members of up to 2 households ‒ this includes when dining out or going to the pub
socialise outdoors in a group of up to 6 people from different households or up to 2 households (anyone in your support bubble counts as one household)"

"continue to follow strict social distancing guidelines when you are with anyone not in your household or your support bubble"

Social distancing or physical distancing remains at 2m, whatever the setting, unless that is not possible.  Indoors and outdoors.  1 metre PLUS other mitigations is acceptable, where social distancing of 2 metres is not possible.  Emphasis on possible.  If it is possible, you should maintain 2m social distancing.

Why social distance?

  1. It reduces the risk of transmission by droplet spread.  2m may actually not be sufficiently far apart in some settings as some droplets may be small enough to travel further.
  2. It also discourages physical contact which can reduce person to person transmission.

The pandemic outbreak is NOT over.

  • Case numbers in certain areas have risen again and continue to rise.
  • Please keep your distance, use face coverings, keep washing your hands, and stick to the government advice.
  • There is no vaccine for widespread use yet.  
  • There is no cure.  
  • Even if you had it already you may not be immune.